🏔️ Bitcoin has reached the top of Mount Everest

ALSO: What is Pizza Day; Ethereum ETF Approval; A Bitcoin Army; This Man Did Not Invent Bitcoin; It’s not possible for the US to prosecute Assange

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This Week’s Big Stories
  • A Bitcoin Army

  • What is Pizza Day

  • Ethereum ETF Approval

  • Bitcoin has reached the top of Mount Everest

Source: Bitcoin Magazine

🇺🇸 A Bitcoin Army

This week, Donald Trump announced that his re-election campaign would accept donations in the form of cryptocurrencies. The decision starkly contrasts current US President Joe Biden’s anti-crypto stance.

Trump’s campaign promised that “MAGA supporters, now with a new cryptocurrency option, will build a crypto army, moving the campaign victory to November 5th!”

No comment from us apart from never trust a politician.

🍕 Pizza Day

On Wednesday, Bitcoiners around the world celebrated Pizza Day!🍕 If you don’t know why, here is a quick explainer:

In 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz made history by spending 10,000 Bitcoin for two Papa John's pizzas. Kickstarting the Bitcoin economy by becoming one of the first transactions for a real-world good using Bitcoin.

At $70,000, that order is now worth $700 million, each pizza is worth $350 million and each slice is worth $43 million.

Chalk and Cheese

🏦 Ethereum ETF Approval

The US SEC has paved the way for the potential launch of eight Ethereum ETFs. A second round of approvals will be needed before the products can officially launch.

Jack Mallers was on Bloomberg last night explaining why this is good for and potentially pressured through by the banks (5 minute watch).

p.s. I can’t bring myself to put a picture of Ethereum in our newsletter, so here is a representation of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Source: Dadvan Yousuf

🏔️ Bitcoin has reached the top of Mount Everest

A bitcoiner summited Mount Everest this week and hoisted a Bitcoin flag at the peak.

Dadvan Yousuf said the expedition was intended to highlight the “global disparity in access to financial education.”

Later stating “The sherpas were enthusiastic about the principle of Bitcoin and were visibly happy.”

However, it didn’t come without its challenges as he explained to Cointelegraph: “I fell down the Hillary step twice and almost died several times… During the expedition, I almost lost my fingers due to frostbite. I owe a lot to my sherpas who helped me.”

A great achievement and a nice touch with the flag👏

🔥 What else have you missed?

1. Moody’s Ratings has upgraded the Government of El Salvador due to a material decrease in credit risks.

2. It’s not possible for the US to prosecute Assange while claiming to be a friend of press freedom.

3. This Man Did Not Invent Bitcoin: New York Times headlines.

4. The Financial Conduct Authority has approved Bitcoin ETPs to be listed on the London Stock Exchange.

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