⌛️ Bitcoin is stuck in the future

ALSO: Skeptic visits Madeira; Saylor set to stack more; Bitcoin monthly returns; The biggest mistake you can make is to procrastinate on Bitcoin

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This Week’s Big Stories
  • Skeptic visits Madeira

  • Bitcoin monthly returns

  • Saylor set to stack more

  • Bitcoin is stuck in the future


🗞️ Skeptic visits Madeira

“Having always been impressed by the technology but quite critical about its downsides, I wanted to know more”

Jens Tönnesmann, a journalist for Die Zeit in Germany travelled to Funchal for Bitcoin Atlantis to see what it’s all about and later posted a nicely balanced thread on X. 

Source: River

🎢 Bitcoin monthly returns

River shared a chart showing the Bitcoin monthly returns all the way back to August 2010. We’re not ones for talking heavily about price but this is a simple visual which gives the zoomed-out view.

🤑 Saylor set to stack more

MicroStrategy upsized its convertible debt offering to $700 million from $600 million to fund additional Bitcoin purchases and general corporate needs. The debt, due March 2030 with a peanuts annual interest of 0.625%.

Microstrategy holds 193,000 Bitcoin, acquired at an average price of $31,544 per bitcoin and it seems it won’t be long until we see this break the 200k mark.

Source: Free Madeira

⌛️ Bitcoin is stuck in the future

Jack Maller gave a presentation in Madeira called “Bitcoin 101: Satoshi's Innovation”. Diving into understanding how Gold is stuck in the ground and Bitcoin is stuck in the future.

Strap in, it’s a brain baffler but a must watch 30 minutes!

🔥 What else have you missed?

1. - The largest gathering of European Bitcoiners for the Halving is happening in Warsaw (18-21st April). 15% off code: bitcoincollective

2. Rich Dad, Poor Dad author says "the biggest mistake you can make is to procrastinate" on Bitcoin

3. Egypt is in crisis this week and requires a bailout by the IMF

4. Jeff Booth delivers an extremely powerful speech at Bitcoin Atlantis

5. Tell me there was a Bitcoin conference without telling me there was a Bitcoin conference

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