⚽️ Here Come The Winklevii

ALSO: Bitcoiner vs Gold Bug; El Salvador is upgrading; Your wealth is melting; Bitcoin cross-border flows IMF Report; New Bitcoin advert

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This Week’s Big Stories
  • Bitcoiner vs Gold Bug

  • El Salvador is upgrading

  • Your wealth is melting

  • Here Come The Winklevii

Source: Fox Business

🥇 Bitcoiner vs Gold Bug

The battle between Bitcoin and gold continues to rage, with well-known gold bug Peter Schiff squaring off against Natalie Brunell in a Fox Business debate.

What Happened: Things get spicy🌶️ (5 minute watch)

🇸🇻 El Salvador is upgrading

Google announced the start of operations in El Salvador with the inauguration of an office in the country while also planning a data centre opening.

The opening of the office is the first step in a collaboration that is expected to last seven years.

Source: Unchained Capital

🧊Your wealth is melting

A new report by Joe Burnett and Unchained about why Bitcoin is the deep freeze your portfolio desperately needs—the only asset that can stop the free market from melting your wealth.

Prepare yourself, it’s 30 pages. Well worth it if you have the time.

Source: PA Images

⚽️ Here Come The Winklevii

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss invest $4.5M into Real Bedford, becoming Co-Owners with Peter McCormack.

Peter stated: “This has been a great few years for the club as we hit all of our growth goals and supported the community in a sustainable way. The demands of a fast-growing club are significant, and the backing from Tyler and Cameron will allow us to continue investing in Bedford and the local community"

Peter sits down for a 25 minute interview to talk about it.

🔥 What else have you missed?

1. The Bitcoin halving will happen in the next 12 hours: Keep track of the event here.

2. George Osborne and Ed Balls explain Bitcoin on a mainstream podcast.

3. How much miners have been earning over the past 4 Bitcoin cycles?

4. New Bitcoin advert from Coinbase.

5. The IMF published a paper on Bitcoin cross-border flows. Here is a short breakdown.

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