🙃 Integrity is Priceless

ALSO: Madeira GIVEAWAY; Microstrategy Making Moves; Fidelity All-in-One; University of Oklahoma adds Bitcoin

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This Week’s Big Stories
  • Microstrategy Making Moves

  • Fidelity All-in-One

  • Madeira GIVEAWAY

  • Integrity is Priceless

Source: Microstrategy

⚡️ Microstrategy Making Moves

MicroStrategy have increased their Bitcoin holdings to 190,000 BTC and considers themselves the "world's first Bitcoin development company."

Above is their unique value proposition compared to a Spot Bitcoin ETP which was outlined in their Fourth Quarter 2023 Financial Results.

“We are a publicly-traded operating company committed to the continued development of the bitcoin network through our activities in the financial markets, advocacy and, technology innovation,”

Want to skip to the juicy bit? Start at minute 31.50

Source: Bitcoin Atlantis

🏝️ Madeira GIVEAWAY

One of the biggest Bitcoin conferences is happening in the Atlantic next month. Names such as Jack Dorsey, Lyn Alden, Michael Saylor, Jeff Booth and last but not least yours truly, Jordan Walker. This conference is huge, with well over 100 speakers.

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The winner will contacted by email on Sunday evening. GOOD LUCK!🤞

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🧐 Fidelity All-in-One

It was highlighted this week by Bitwise CIO that Fidelity has a 1-3% Bitcoin allocation in their "All-in-One" funds in Canada using spot Bitcoin ETFs.

1% in their conservative fund, 2.5% in the balanced and 3.1% in the aggressive. He poses the question of when and if this will become the norm for portfolios in the US.

This follows from last week’s newsletter about Bitcoin becoming increasingly popular in a portfolio. It’s also a clever move by the asset manager as it increases the demand, resulting in them owning more Bitcoin.

Source: 60 Minutes

 🙃 Integrity is Priceless

Jerome Powell, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, which is America’s central bank stressed long-term concerns this week about the U.S. national debt, describing it as growing faster than the economy and “unsustainable”.

He called for a return to discussions on fiscal sustainability, emphasising the need for elected officials to prioritise fiscal responsibility.

Finishing the interview on: “Integrity is priceless. And at the end, that’s all you have and we plan on keeping ours”

The interview is minute 2.30 - 15 (The juicy bit is from minute 12)

🔥 What else have you missed?

1. President Nayib Bukele questions why everyone is gunning for El Salvador to lose.

2. The University of Oklahoma will officially be adding a full, semester-long Bitcoin course.

3. Bitcoin Shooter releases another trailer for his upcoming film ‘No More Inflation’.

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