📞 Interview with a Hacker

ALSO: Stand up for what you believe; Mining research paper; How Money Works; $21M donation; The UK Ministry of Defence and NHS hacked

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  • Stand up for what you believe

  • Mining Research paper

  • How Money Works

  • Interview with a Hacker

🏟️ Stand up for what you believe

Chris Pan, a serial entrepreneur, gave the commencement speech at Ohio State University and suggested that graduates should “Keep an open mind and consider Bitcoin”

He was met with boos and laughs from the crowd of students. Watch the short clip here.

🗑️ Mining Research Paper

A new study was released this week, exploring the economic viability of coupling bitcoin mining's financial incentives with methane capture at landfill sites.

Co-authored by a former Greenpeace activist and an environmental economist (PhD), it confirms that Bitcoin mining is a powerful tool to clean up the environment and mitigate methane emissions.

YouTube: Lyn Alden Media

🤑 How Money Works

Lyn Alden, author of the book ‘Broken Money’ has produced a half-hour animated overview of the subject matter.

A good cheat code for those that haven’t yet read the book. It covers the history of money, the development of banking, and how new technology changes the way we interact with money over time.

📞 Interview With A Hacker

Junseth, an early Bitcoin podcaster, recently recorded a phone conversation with a hacker, exposing a phone scam operation targeting Bitcoin and cryptocurrency holders. 

The scammer explains in this impromptu interview that their approach is to prey on human emotions such as greed and fear, convincing people that they are either entitled to a windfall or at risk of losing their assets unless they comply with the instructions given over the phone.

🔥 What else have you missed?

1. Custodia Bank Hires High-Profile Lawyers To Appeal Federal Reserve Denial.

2. OpenSats has received an additional donation of $21M from Jack Dorsey.

3. Biden will veto if Congress sends a bill that overturns SEC's SAB 121. A breakdown…

4. The first ever asset routed through Bitcoin on Lightning.

5. The UK Ministry of Defence and NHS got hacked in the same week. Raising questions about the security of a potential CBDC.

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