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  • Jack and Jay splash the cash

  • Show me the moneeeeeey

  • Beers to Bitcoin

Source: Samuel Ojo/Mariblock

Jack and Jay splash the cash 🤝

₿trust, the Bitcoin non-profit that Block CEO Jack Dorsey and rapper Jay-Z formed to support Bitcoin development in Africa and India, has acquired Qala, an organisation that trains African Bitcoin and Lightning engineers.

The acquisition will see Qala rebranded as the '₿trust Builders Program' to further their mission of raising Bitcoin ecosystem builders in the Global South.

₿trust has a wad of money from the two J's and Qala have the infrastructure needed for the training. This is a match made in heaven as both companies are also very much aligned in their missions.

Didn't know Jay-Z was into Bitcoin? You're in luck, we just wrote a new blog: Jay-Z has 99 problems but Bitcoin ain’t one.

Source: Riot Blockchain, Inc


Texas power grid operator ERCOT and Bitcoin miners have quite the 'help me help you' situation going on.

Listen to this. Riot, the second largest Bitcoin miner in the world only mined $8.9 million worth of Bitcoin in August but were paid a whopping $31.7 million by the Texas power grid. This is because of a record-breaking heat wave in Texas and Riot voluntarily curtailed its energy consumption to take advantage of credits available by limiting use.

Riot has since responded to this article to explain.

Source: Cryptonomist

Converting Namibians to Bitcoin one beer at a time 🇳🇦

This week we stumbled across a 20-minute podcast. The title jumped out at us, the same one as above, pretty good huh? We were so inspired by the story that we had to share it with you.

Nikolai Tjongarero is the founder of EasySats which was created because he found that Namibia was currently lacking a method for the average citizen to acquire BTC in a quick, easy and familiar way.

In summary:

🙋‍♀️ Women outnumbering men at Bitcoin events

🎢 Bitcoin onramps in Namibia

⚡️ How to earn Bitcoin

🍻 Paying bar tabs to educate

🔥 What else have you missed?

1. The FASB in the US will introduce new fair value accounting rules for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, improving transparency for companies that hold them. Over to James Lavish to explain.

2. Education for all in El Salvador, Mi Primer Bitcoin has partnered with the Ministry of Education to train 150 teachers, spreading financial knowledge across the nation's public schools.

3. Why you haven’t missed the Bitcoin Boat: If Bitcoin is digital gold and had the same market cap as gold, each Bitcoin would be worth circa $664,917.

4. Azetco, a company providing Bitcoin vouchers just released a cool new advert.

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