😬 Not enough Bitcoin

ALSO: Satoshi’s long lost emails; Coinbase Crashes; Bitcoin Atlantis is happening this weekend

Happy Friday - Here is your In A Nutshell from The Bitcoin Collective⚡️

This Week’s Big Stories
  • Satoshi’s long-lost emails

  • Coinbase Crashes

  • Bitcoin Atlantis

  • Not enough Bitcoin

📧 Satoshi’s long-lost emails

Previously unseen emails emerged this week between Bitcoin's pseudonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, and early developer Martti Malmi which sheds new light on the foundational days of Bitcoin.

At 120 pages, it’s the most significant addition to the archives of Bitcoin's unknown inventor. Check out a breakdown here.

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💥 Coinbase Crashes

Coinbase, one of the leading Bitcoin and crypto exchanges encountered a major outage. This disruption was linked to Bitcoin's price surge, which reached over $64,000 on Wednesday and led to operational issues for Coinbase accounts.

CEO, Brian Armstrong stated: “We are dealing with a LARGE surge of traffic - apologies for any issues you encounter. The team is working to remediate.”

Bitcoin Atlantis

🏝️ Bitcoin Atlantis is happening

One of the biggest Bitcoin conferences is happening this weekend in the Atlantic with an amazing lineup of speakers. This is my view while writing this week’s email.

Didn’t manage to make it? It’s all being live-streamed so you can watch it from the comfort of your own home. Check it out here.

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😬 Not enough Bitcoin

On Wednesday this week, we saw a 12x day for ETFs purchasing Bitcoin over one day compared to what the network produces. If this was any other asset, we’d likely see the supply increased, but not Bitcoin.

Then throw in this tweet by Caitlin Long.

🔥 What else have you missed?

1. Why Martti Malmi is a Bitcoin legend, a thread.

2. Nayib Bukele trolls a notorious Bitcoin troll, Peter Schiff with a troll.

3. Comedian Trevor Noah says that not taking the time to understand Bitcoin was his biggest mistake.

4. Martin Lewis, the money saving expert and the most scammed face in the UK has his say on Bitcoin.

🛍️ Weekly Spotlight

Our weekly spotlight this week is Castle Hill Gin, who started accepting Bitcoin this week. If you like all things gin, then this one is for you. UK deliveries only.

*This is NOT an ad.

🍾 Friday Fun!

This week’s theme is: ‘Wild Animals 🙊’ - Play here

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