🤯 Recovering 43 Bitcoin from 2013

ALSO: Bitcoin Collective Announcement; Semler Scientific adopts Bitcoin; Cathie Travels to El Salvador; Mt Gox $9 billion bitcoin is on the move

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This Week’s Big Stories
  • 🤯 Recovering 43 Bitcoin from 2013

  • 🤑 Semler Scientific adopts Bitcoin

  • 🇸🇻 Cathie Travels to El Salvador

  • 🤓 Bitcoin Collective Announcement

Source: Joe Grand

🤯 Recovering 43 Bitcoin from 2013

What if I told you that time could be hacked to recover over $3 million in Bitcoin from a software wallet that's been locked since 2013? Joe Grand released a video this week which does exactly that. They reverse engineer the RoboForm password generator in order to regenerate passwords that have been generated in the past.

This is a fantastic watch as they break everything down for the non-techies🙌

🤑 Semler Scientific adopts Bitcoin

Semler Scientific, Inc. which is a Nasdaq listed medical software company, announced that it had purchased 581 bitcoins for approximately $40 million as part of its “bitcoin treasury strategy.”

The chairman, Eric Semler stated: “Philosophically, I see merit in the argument that bitcoin is a really great alternative to gold,” he said. “I believe in gold, but I believe that Bitcoin is kind of gold with optionality.”

Source: Cathie Wood

🇸🇻 Cathie Travels to El Salvador

Cathie Wood, Founder of ARK Invest recently met with El Salvador’s president, Nayib Bukele, with talks revolving around “harnessing bitcoin and AI to turbocharge his economic and education reforms”

Cathie also stated, “The President could scale El Salvador's GDP 10-fold during his next 5-year term.”

In previous editions of In A Nutshell, we have highlighted Moody's Ratings upgraded El Salvador due to a decrease in credit risk, an S&P upgrade for El Salvador’s credit rating to B- from CCC+ and last month we saw Google opening a new headquarters in the capital, San Salvador.

Big things happening in El Salvador.

🤓 Bitcoin Collective Announcement

Jordan (Bitcoin Collective Co-Founder) here,

You hear from me week in and week out with the latest Bitcoin news, but I’ve been keeping a little secret about what the Bitcoin Collective is working on. Not going to lie, it’s been hard to keep it under wraps!

Behind the scenes, we’ve been creating something unique and game-changing for the Bitcoin education space.

Bitcoin is filled with jargon, complexities and to be honest, it’s hard for anyone new looking to learn. This newsletter helps you stay up-to-date, but where can those who are curious to start learning go?

We’re launching a platform called Genesis!

Think Masterclass.com, but for Bitcoin. We’ve gathered some of the most brilliant minds and top companies to break down Bitcoin in a way that’s engaging, relatable and accessible for everyone.

I’m extremely proud of what we’re building and can’t wait to share it with you all. More nuggets to follow next week👀

🔥 What else have you missed?

1. Mt. Gox Bitcoin is on the move as they transfer $9 billion.

2. Mastercard launches Crypto Credential, which allows you to send Bitcoin to any customer at an exchange.

3. The first peer-reviewed study on what sort of people are adopting Bitcoin.

4. Jack Mallers is a guest on Pomp’s podcast as they have an insightful and honest conversation.

5. Dismantling the cash-flow narrative: Real Estate vs Bitcoin article.

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