🤠 The Big Empty

ALSO: US Gov Cashing in Silk Road; The Bitcoin Era presentation; Lightning Comes To Coinbase; Morgan Stanley 'Racing' to Offer Bitcoin ETFs to All Clients

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This Week’s Big Stories
  • The Big Empty

  • US Gov Cashing in Silk Road

  • The Bitcoin Era

  • Lightning Comes To Coinbase

Source: The Big Empty

🤠 The Big Empty

“Tiny Home Capital USA" meets North America’s biggest liquid Bitcoin mine. Residents of Dickens County, Texas find themselves neighbours to an industrial Bitcoin mining operation.

A 30-minute documentary by Galaxy and Blockspace, The Big Empty depicts the Bitcoin story currently unfolding in the Texas 'Big Empty' country.

Source: Business Insider

🇺🇸 US Gov Cashing in Silk Road

The US government sent a transaction that appears to indicate it may be on the verge of liquidating the remaining Bitcoin it confiscated from the online marketplace Silk Road.

According to on-chain data, a 0.001 BTC test transaction, part of a larger stash of approximately 30,174 BTC linked to the infamous Silk Road was moved.

Want to know more about the Silk Road story? We asked X/Twitter and this was a highly recommended read.

Source: Salahuddin Khawaja

🎥 The Bitcoin Era

This is a presentation from January this year which we came across this week. It’s extremely well-presented and structured. It’s relatable and simple.

A great tool to add to your arsenal of resources for new people looking to find out more about Bitcoin.


⚡️ Lightning Comes To Coinbase

Coinbase is partnering with Lightspark to integrate Bitcoin Lightning… eventually. Aiming to enable faster, cheaper transactions for its 100 million+ users. This move led by former PayPal president and now Lightspark Founder David Marcus, will shift more transactions to Bitcoin's second layer.

Joe Hall is due a referral bonus from David Marcus after his interactions with Brian last year.

🔥 What else have you missed?

1. Bitcoin Brought Electricity to Countries in the Global South.

2. Report: Morgan Stanley 'Racing' to Offer Bitcoin ETFs to All Clients.

3. Inside Costa Rica's Secret Bitcoin Community.

4. Bhutan to Upgrade Bitcoin Mining in Himalayas as ‘Halving’ Looms. Thanks to @BTCPerception for highlighting this.

5. A Bitcoin conference in Bedford, CheatCode is happening in 1 week.

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