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ALSO: Judge rules ‘Not Satoshi’; Is the UK miserable?; Saylor set to stack even more; Bitkey Launches; Mark your calendars for the May 15th.

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This Week’s Big Stories
  • Judge rules ‘Not Satoshi’

  • Is the UK miserable?

  • Bitkey Launches

  • The Bitcoin Fort Knox?

👨‍⚖️ Judge rules ‘Not Satoshi’

As the court battle between Craig Wright and COPA concluded this week, Judge James Mellor said the evidence was "overwhelming,” that:

  1. Dr Wright is not the author of the Bitcoin White Paper.

  2. Dr Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto.

  3. Dr Wright is not the person who created the Bitcoin System.

  4. Dr Wright is not the author of the initial versions of the Bitcoin software.

The COPA legal team said Dr Wright had carried out "a massive campaign of dishonesty and forgery".

Don’t know who Wright is?

Here is the fastest summary possible… An Australian, who has claimed to be Satoshi since 2016 - but his claims and evidence to back them up have long been questioned by experts. He has been in and out of court for years in legal battles with individuals who challenged his story.

Source: Mike Kemp

🇬🇧 Is the UK miserable?

The same week that the UK was voted the second most miserable country in the world, it saw a glimmer of hope for Bitcoin adoption.

  1. The London Stock Exchange announced it will start to accept Bitcoin ETN applications. Not perfect but it is a step in the right direction.

  2. BBC News were also back covering Bitcoin in a positive way due to the rise in price.

Source: Bitkey

🔐 Bitkey Launches

The long-awaited self-custody Bitcoin wallet built by Jack Dorsey’s firm is now being shipped to customers in 95 countries.

‘Bitkey is the safe, easy way to own and manage bitcoin. It’s a mobile app, hardware device, and a set of recovery tools, for simple, secure self-custody.’


🏰 The Bitcoin Fort Knox?

President Bukele announced that the country has decided to transfer a significant amount of its Bitcoin holdings to a cold wallet which will be stored in a vault. Introducing the country’s “first Bitcoin piggy bank.”

The country has already transferred 5,689.68 BTC, worth around $400 million, to the cold wallet.

🔥 What else have you missed?

1. After raising $800m last week, Michael Saylor bought 12,000 more Bitcoin and has now raised another $500m.

2. VanEck Spot Bitcoin ETF sees record $119M inflow after fee cut to 0%.

3. Elon Musk jokes about the Dollar being a scam coin in one of his latest X post.

4. Do you wonder "who is buying" bitcoin ETFs, according to Matt Hougan, circle May 15th on your calendar.

5. America has “the lowest inflation rates of any country in America." Joe Biden slips up again.

6. Beach Lightning. Bitcoin, Biriyani and the beach, what else could you want? If you’re near the Brighton area, check it out.

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