♻️ Watt's Up, Greenpeace?

ALSO: Human Rights Foundation Grant; Pension Fund Turn to Bitcoin; “There is no democracy in India”; UK seize £3bn+ worth of Bitcoin

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This Week’s Big Stories
  • Human Rights Foundation Grant

  • Pension Fund Turn to Bitcoin

  • “There is no democracy in India”

  • UK seize £3bn worth of Bitcoin

Source: HRF

🌍 Human Rights Foundation Grant

The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) announced its most recent round of Bitcoin Development Fund grants.

The grant includes $500,000 across 14 projects around the world focusing on global education, Lightning Network development, decentralised communications, and providing nonprofits and human rights groups with an easier onramp to financial freedom tools. The main areas of focus are Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

Source: Bloomberg

🔐 Pension Fund Turn to Bitcoin

Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF), one of the world’s largest pension portfolios, is considering bitcoin as part of its diversification strategy.

GPIF’s potential entry into the Bitcoin space could have significant implications globally with assets of approximately $1.49 trillion.

Source: X

🇮🇳 “There is no democracy in India”

One of India’s main opposition political groups has had all their bank accounts frozen.

Claiming there is no democracy in India as they accuse the PM and the Home Minister of orchestrating it to cripple them before the elections. This is due to a tax dispute with the Congress party.

Source: Greenpeace

♻️ Watt's Up, Greenpeace?

Greenpeace USA released another report about their concerns with Bitcoin’s environmental impact.

After posting it on X, the report was quickly community noted stating misinformation within the report and donations from a cryptocurrency founder to run the campaign. Not to mention 4/5 referenced sources in the report lead nowhere.

Climate Tech investor, Daniel Batten breaks it down.

Instead of engaging and listening to the other side of the argument, Greenpeace USA went on a blocking spree. Daniel released 6 things you should know about the organisation.

🔥 What else have you missed?

1. Lyn Alden appears on Merryn Talks Money (Bloomberg) after Merryn refused to speak with Adam Back due to his profile picture having laser eyes. Skip to minute 10.

2. The Bitcoin Mining Hub has launched The Global Bitcoin Mining Pulse Survey for miners to gauge where they rank vs other miners globally.

3. El Salvador will keep buying 1 Bitcoin daily until it ‘becomes unaffordable' with fiat currency.

4. The UK holds £3bn worth of Bitcoin as police make seizure in Britain's biggest-ever cryptocurrency seizure. Here is a cool tool to check Bitcoin holdings by different private/public companies and countries.

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