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ALSO: Hong Kong in a Hurry; How AI and Bitcoin Could Join Forces; Hello TD Bank; Coinbase pushes for UK crypto adoption; Chivo Personal Data Leaked?

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This Week’s Big Stories
  • Hong Kong in A Hurry

  • How AI and Bitcoin Could Join Forces

  • Hello TD Bank

  • You and Me (BPI Summit)

🇭🇰 Hong Kong in A Hurry

Reuters reported yesterday that the timeline for Hong Kong’s approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF could be imminent. This would make it Asia's first city to offer the ETF and is much faster than industry expectations of launches sometime this year.

Regulators have sped up the approval process, according to their source.

Source: Bloomberg

⚡️ How AI and Bitcoin Could Join Forces

With the halving on the horizon. Companies are doing everything they can to prepare for it, including moving away from Bitcoin and in some cases into artificial intelligence.

In this short Bloomberg Original, they look into how AI and Bitcoin could join forces.

👋 Hello TD Bank

TD Bank’s Investing arm released an advert explaining the Bitcoin halving and promoting Bitcoin ETFs

TD Bank is a top 10 bank in America and this signifies a broader acknowledgement and interest in Bitcoin's economic fundamentals among traditional financial institutions and investors.

Source: BPI

🇺🇸 BPI Summit

The Bitcoin Policy Summit happened in DC this week with leading Bitcoin advocates, academics and a bipartisan coalition of United States policymakers.

Natalie Smolenski delivered a hard-hitting talk.

Can watch the full event here.

🔥 What else have you missed?

1. Coinbase pushes for UK crypto adoption with Apple Pay integration.

2. BlackRock adds UBS Securities, Citigroup Global Markets and Citadel Securities.

3. Leaked Personal Info of Over 5 Million Salvadorans Apparently Linked to Chivo Wallet.

4. New Orleans Saints (NFL) captain Demario Davis: “Fiat money is unjust and corrupted.”

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